Farrer & Co
This style of photography involves an analogue process, cross-processing (in this case transparency film processed as if it where a negative then printed onto photographic paper before scanning). Although it can be partly replicated electronically it never produces the same variety of results. In the analogue manner the effect is influenced by light source, time of day, subject colours, season, weather conditions, skin tone and more. In addition when printed internal flaring takes places in the papers emulsion surface causing a unique fringing affect between boundaries of strong contrast. For all these reasons it is impossible to show exactly what result will be achieved, also the time taken from shoot to final scan is around a week but the results can be magnificent and unique. This was commissioned for a Graduate Recruitment Guide & featured a group of the companies graduate trainees who were working closely with specific clients.
Client: HSAG Design Ltd
AD: Tom Poslett
Use: Graduate Recruitment Guide